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Our partners 


Heliovision can provide and support Photoneo 3D cameras and solutions.
Photoneo Mission: "Give vision and intelligence to robots all over the world, so they can see and understand it."

Pickit 3D

Heliovision can provide and support Pickit 3D solutions.
Peter Soetens (CEO of Pickit 3D): "We always had the ambition to create easy-to-use tools for automation engineers. Even though we probably have the easiest 3D vision product on the market today, we want to take it to the next level."


Heliovision uses LMI cameras and profilers for custom machine vision solutions.

Mark Radford CEO of LMI: "3D scanning and inspection is all we do, and it is this specialized knowledge and experience that helps drive profitability, reduce time-to-market, and open up new possibilities for our customers"


Heliovision uses Halcon and can support Halcon applications.

With groundbreaking machine vision products and services, MVTec contributes to a world in which resources are used more efficiently and responsibly. As an essential part of the value chain, we support our customers with innovative machine vision software products. Their flexibility and high quality contribute decisively to sustainable economic success.


Heliovision works with Keyence cameras and can support Keyence solutions.

Today, KEYENCE serves over 300,000 customers in 110 countries around the world, where our name stands for innovation and excellence.


Heliovision works with Sensopart sensors in customized machine vision solutions.

We at SensoPart are particularly proud of the famous quality "Made in Germany". All products are developed and manufactured at our two German sites in Gottenheim near Freiburg im Breisgau and Wieden in the Black Forest and from here they are sent all over the world.

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