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Feasibility studies

Heliovision has its own feasibility lab. The purpose of this feasibility lab is to thoroughly develop the scope and specifications of a machine vision job by creating a miniature version of the proposed system and testing its capabilities.

A neural network or algorithm can only work properly if the image stability and quality are great. That is why hardware selection is vital to a good working vision solution. 

Feasibility studies are used to determine the optimum:

  • Lighting strategy

  • Lens selection

  • Camera selection

  • Equipment arrangement


Feasibility studies normally involve:

  • Developing a thorough understanding of the client’s vision need

  • Gaining knowledge of unique part and process variations

  • Identifying:

    • defects that need to be detected for quality control

    • location for object location and robot guidance

  • Acquiring sample products or parts that are to be inspected/located

  • Mocking up complete vision configuration using cameras, lighting, and lenses

  • Obtaining measurements to create a mechanical and electrical design to meet the requirements of the inspection system and plant facility

  • Delivery of feasible pass/fail rate results and detailed system recommendations

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