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Machine Vision

Heliovision solutions cover a wide range of application areas. Everything from checking the presence of a screw or nut on an automotive sub-assembly, to dimension checks on fruit hanging in a greenhouse.

The most common vision applications are:

  • Machine Vision Bin Picking

  • Presence Verification

  • Measuring & Metrology

  • Pattern Recognition & Pattern Matching

  • Code Reading

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Robot Control

  • Colour Matching and Verification

  • Print Quality Inspection

  • Surface Inspection & Flaw Detection

  • Image Archiving

Heliovision solves these applications by using different cameras and custom in-house developed software. A Neural network or algorithm can only work properly if the image stability and quality are great. That is why hardware selection is vital to a good working vision solution. 

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